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escort spain thaimassage happy ending

Templates for article pages One of the following templates should be used at the top of the article page: Not English Template not English (alias: notenglish ) is available for a page that needs translation in its entirety (so it would be appropriate to delete. Cwmhiraeth ( talk ) 11:12, (UTC) Diles (Farruko Bad Bunny Song) edit The initial language of this article was Spanish. Was looking for verification of facts of translation, but seems to be good, now. This is #1854 at WP:AN/CXT/Pages to review. Reidgreg ( talk ) 16:30, (UTC) Pampa Horse edit The initial language of this article was Portuguese. Did not compare to original and this definitely needs to be done. Looked a couple of the others on the list, which didn't seem to need as much. After he was unable to reach a compromise between the PPP and the Awami League, President Yahya Khan invited Nurul Amin of the Pakistan Muslim League to become the Prime Minister, and also appointed him as the first Vice President. Says right in the history this is a translation from. Zia's presidency oversaw the modern growth of far-right ideas in the country. Use the notice Hidden translation, for example, Hidden translation lang-name version-nbr.

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Dennis Bratland ( talk ) 21:47, (UTC) Shin Takarajima (song) edit The initial language of this article was Japanese. Sample invocations: subst:Needtrans pgWilhelm II, German Emperor LanguageGerman Comments Please consider also placing subst:uw-notenglish 1Template:not English on the talk page of the author. Mathglot ( talk ) 23:58, (UTC) I'm impressed on that detective work alone! Lovkal ( talk ) 10:58, (UTC) Battle of Barnaul (1918) edit The initial language of this article was Russian. Elinruby ( talk ) made a start on this. 14 The President himself has absolute constitutional immunity from criminal and civil proceedings, and no proceedings can be initiated or continued against him during the term of his office. However, I suppose the topic warrants the effort. Based on previous translations of articles about old buildings, I am inclined to believe most of what this says, but again, it was fairly rough and I haven't checked for accuracy yet.

escort spain thaimassage happy ending

to the article page. A loose necktie ( talk ) 18:40, (UTC) S-Bahn Vorarlberg edit The initial language of this article was German. C hampion ( talk ) ( contributions ) ( logs ) 06:34, 19 November 2016 (UTC) Afro Poli edit The language of this article is Italian. The general elections held in 1988 witnessed the victory of PPP in 1988, and appointed Chairman Senate Ghulam Ishaq Khan to the presidency. 33 No president has faced impeachment proceedings. I will at least try to hit the format problems tonight. Retrieved Waldman, Amy (January 2, 2004). May be a rough translation of the article from Portuguese Wikipedia. I'm not sure if the issues with the article are actually grammatical ones, or just awkward wordings chosen by the author. I don't think I should try to edit it right now but as a baseline let's say it's 3-d solids so the math may be DiffEq. Phrasing is not that of a native English speaker Paris1127 ( talk ) 16:39, (UTC) Evil customs edit The original Catalan article is ca:Mals usos. I left 3-4 sentences alone that raised questions in my mind, but I got a lot of the low-hanging fruit (all I am up to at this moment thus, I hope, making it somewhat more accessible to monolinguals. Leave it for now as I still need to tag it for translation and some of the other articles on this list are related and possibly can be used to improve the thing This user was indefinitely blocked on 19 October. Disco spinster talk 01:44, (UTC) SD Erandio Club edit The initial language of this article was Spanish.

Husband's name is not. HyperGaruda ( talk ) 14:52, (UTC) Velvet season edit escort spain thaimassage happy ending The initial language of this article escort spain thaimassage happy ending is Russian I think. Article 44(2) Archived at the Wayback Machine in Chapter 1: The President in Part III: The Federation of Pakistan in the Constitution of Pakistan. Subst:Duflu pgNuclear submarine LanguageFrench orig:fr:Sous-marin nucléaire Comments Needtrans Template Needtrans is available for use in the translation cleanup section. Mathglot ( talk ) 07:06, (UTC) Lime Avenue (Rostov-on-don) edit The initial language of this article was uncertain. Song lyrics in one section, unsure of relevance to article without translation. Template and entry here previously removed for some reason, despite the article's problems not being fixed. It probably also matters that I learned my math in two different languages and neither of them was German. The correct title is Electron (company). RA0808 talk contribs 16:51, (UTC) Church of Holy Virgin in Zemun edit The initial language of this article was Serbian. I will take a deeper look sometime if nobody picks this up, perhaps.

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